rule 8 - be patiently aggressive

Rule #8 – Be Patiently Aggressive

One of the most annoying things I have experienced in HOTS is when teams are too passive. It’s just a long slow death. If you want to success, you must follow Rule #8 – Be Patiently Aggressive. Falling Back Is a… Hear Me Out… Fallback Sometimes you’re getting pummeled. Sometimes

rule 7 - target cunningly

Rule #7 – Target Cunningly

Sure, you follow Rule #6 – Target Wisely, but sometimes the thing you need to do to set you over the top is to follow Rule #7 – Target Cunningly. More Than Just Follow the Leader So you’ve followed Rule #4 – Choose Your Role Well, and you’ve picked up

rule 6 - target wisely

Rule #6 – Target Wisely

As crucial as it is, it’s not enough to play as a team, choose your role well, and play your role well. You also have to follow Rule #6 – Target Wisely. More Than Just Damage If you’ve read Brawl Rules for any length of time, you know that playing

rule 5 play your role well

Rule #5 – Play Your Role Well

In order to win Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls, you have to obey Rule #5 – Play Your Role Well. Sadly, most people don’t know the most fundamental ways to do this. No Time for Rehashing Now, I’ve already gone over HOTS heroes roles and how to play your

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It’s Hard to Enjoy Something that Causes Others Pain

Brawl Rules was created to help people have fun. Not everyone is having fun right now, and it’s hard to enjoy something that causes others pain. So we’re taking a break. Here’s why. Longtime Fans We’re longtime fans of Blizzard. How long? Our first Blizzard game among us was WarCraft.

Rule 4 Choose Your Role Wisely

Rule #4 – Choose Your Role Well

For anyone who’s watched the hero selection timer count down to the single digits as someone on the team still hasn’t chosen a hero for an ARAM brawl, you know all too well what happens when someone doesn’t follow Rule #4 – Choose Your Role Well.  Here’s how to make