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The Rest Is Up to You

We created Brawl Rules for a simple reason: to showcase the most important part of playing HOTS ARAM brawls. Now that we’ve shared the rules, the rest is up to you. Our Job Is Done We set out to share the ten most important rules for playing Heroes of the

rule 10 - be positive

Rule #10 – Be Positive

Here we are at the last rule, and, although it’s at the end, this rule is often the difference between success and failure. It’s Rule #10 – Be Positive Here’s why it’s important. The Joy of Soft Skills If you’ve ever held a technical job of any sort or received

rule 9 - don't give up

Rule #9 – Don’t Give Up

There are a lot of challenging rules and several rules that require a great deal of skill. This one is easy and requires no skill. It’s Rule #9 – Don’t Give Up. No Skill Needed There are several rules that require skill. For instance, following Rule #1 – Stay Alive

rule 8 - be patiently aggressive

Rule #8 – Be Patiently Aggressive

One of the most annoying things I have experienced in HOTS is when teams are too passive. It’s just a long slow death. If you want to success, you must follow Rule #8 – Be Patiently Aggressive. Falling Back Is a… Hear Me Out… Fallback Sometimes you’re getting pummeled. Sometimes

rule 7 - target cunningly

Rule #7 – Target Cunningly

Sure, you follow Rule #6 – Target Wisely, but sometimes the thing you need to do to set you over the top is to follow Rule #7 – Target Cunningly. More Than Just Follow the Leader So you’ve followed Rule #4 – Choose Your Role Well, and you’ve picked up

rule 6 - target wisely

Rule #6 – Target Wisely

As crucial as it is, it’s not enough to play as a team, choose your role well, and play your role well. You also have to follow Rule #6 – Target Wisely. More Than Just Damage If you’ve read Brawl Rules for any length of time, you know that playing