Rule 3 play as a team

Rule # 3 – Play as a Team

It should be a rule that doesn’t need to be stated. Unfortunately it does: Rule #3 – Play as a Team. It’s a Team Game! I have played a ton of first person shooters (FPS). You grab a weapon, head out into the unknown, and blast anything that comes your

rule 2 keep your teammates alive

Rule #2 – Keep Your Teammates Alive

If Rule #1 is Stay Alive, it’s worth noting it’s worthless if your team is dead. That’s why in the Heroes of the Storm ARAM Brawl Rules Rule #2 is Keep Your Teammates Alive. Numbers Be Crazy Have you ever seen a superhero movie where the superhero is completely outnumbered?

rule 1 stay alive

Rule #1 – Stay Alive

The most important rule in the Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawl rules is the rule you will break the most: Rule #1 – Stay Alive Effort Despite Failure The most important thing you can do in HOTS ARAM brawls is stay alive. It’s crucial for several key reasons, but

hots fun

Just Have HOTS Fun

So you want play Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls, bit things aren’t going well. You know your HOTS heroes roles and how to play your role well, but you still find it hard to win. You’re frustrated. You’ve yelled at everyone. Everyone is a dumbass. Why does this game

Hots heroes roles

HOTS Heroes Roles and How to Play Your Role Well

Any solid Heroes of the Storm player pays attention to HOTS heroes roles, but not everyone knows what that means or how to play well. The good news is it’s not that challenging; it just takes knowledge and practice. Brawl Rules First So you want to be a killer Heroes

Heroes of the Storm Minions

The Value of Heroes of the Storm Minions

When you play a lot of Heroes of the Storm, one thing you realize: most people don’t understand the value of Heroes of the Storm minions and focusing on siege. Here’s why they’re both important. Getting the Kills We all know that the best way to outmatch the other team