the real power of talents

The Real Power of Talents

So you’re enamored with talents, eh? You know all the trees for all the heroes backward and forward? Cool. Let’s take a second to talk about the real power of talents. The Perfect Player™ If you’ve spent time in a Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawl, you’ve planed with The

why do you want a boring game

Why Do You Want a Boring Game?

The other day I played with a random group who didn’t have a strategy for fighting other than fighting “whoever steps up”. Bad tactics aside, the real question is why do you want a boring game? Heroes of the Storm was not built that way. Football, Prayers, and Worthless Practice

credit card debt and why stats don't matter

Credit Card Debt and Why Stats Don’t Matter

For all of you out there who are so enamored with your Heroes of the Storm Brawl (ARAM) stats, it’s time you learn about credit card debt and why stats don’t matter. If you don’t understand what I mean, then you probably need to read on. Schooling the Financial Experts

don't be a hero

Don’t Be a Hero

I get the irony. I’m telling you “don’t be a hero” in a Brawl in Heroes of the Storm where you choose a hero with other heroes to fight even more heroes. But if you you stop here and don’t read on, you just may rack up a series of

focusing on Leoric is a sucker's game

Focusing on Leoric Is a Sucker’s Game

I’ve seen a lot of losing strategies, but one of the most blatant is a strong desire to kill Leoric over and over again. Why? Because it’s pointless. Focusing on Leoric is a sucker’s game. Here’s why. Clueless or Cunning? Since coming up with the Heroes of the Storm Brawl