How to Stay Alive in Heroes of the Storm Brawls

how to stay alive in heroes of the storm brawls

If you know your Heroes of the Storm ARAM Brawl Rules, you know that staying alive is Rule #1. What you may not know is that most people really haven’t figured out the right tactics to do that. If you want to know how to stay alive in Heroes of the Storm Brawls, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the essentials.

Triple Kel’Thas vs. Triple Tass.

I recently played a Brawl with three Kel’Thas’ teamed up against three Tassadars. It was brutal. There was a ton of back and forth with mega kills and team wipes as one fort would go down followed by a team death then the tables turned with the same result. Back and forth it went as the cores kept getting lower and lower.

Eventually, the team with a triple complement of Kel’Thas heroes took down the core and won the game. Sadly, for the Tass team, it didn’t have to be this way. They did it to themselves. They played a strong game and even a strong team game, but they didn’t know one of the fundamental rules of how to stay alive in Heroes of the Storm Brawls.

If you want to improve your Brawl game, then pay attention. Here are the things you need to know.

How to Stay Alive in Heroes of the Storm Brawls

We all know staying alive is critical for a Brawl. It keeps from feeding XP to the team. It allows us to keep doing damage and keeps the teams even, or, even better, in our favor. Staying alive is crucial to winning Heroes of the Storm Brawls.

If you want to stay in the game and maximize your impact, follow these simple rules:

  • Play Your Role: If you are a tank, get out there. If you sit behind your backline, they will eventually die and you will succumb simply because the numbers will not be in your favor. If you are DPS, take out your tank’s opponents so they can keep fighting. Focus on those they toss, stun, or hook. If you are a healer, keep everyone alive.
  • Understand Your Opponents: If you read Focusing on Leoric Is a Sucker’s Game, you know you must be ready for March of the Black King. So often Leoric will die, but he will stand around as the cooldown on his Heroic fades. When he comes to life, people pile around and he takes them out soundly. If you knew Leoric and his abilities, you would know this is a possibility. You would also know to stay away from Garrosh without minions nearby, or keep some minions between you and Li Ming to absorb her Arcane Orb.
  • Don’t Be the Hero: As I’ve said before, don’t be a hero. Work as a team. When you try to be the person who saves the day, you’re more often the person who loses the game. This also means staying level-headed. When you’ve turned the tide on a bad game, don’t over chase. Make sure you stay measured and consistent instead of hopped up on bloodlust.
  • Pay Attention: So how did the Tass team lose to Kel’Thas? They did it to themselves. People were on fire with Living Bomb and just brought it to their teammates. Their buildings were on fire with Living Bomb and they hung out next to them. At level 16, after some of the Kel’Thas heroes had taken the Ignite talent, people still sat in Flamestrikes, not only taking that damage, but then taking the damage of the Living Bomb that was applied to them and then spreading it to teammates. In one action 1.5k+ could have been easily avoided, but the team wasn’t paying attention.

Play Smart

It’s not enough to be good. If you want to know how to stay alive in Heroes of the Storm Brawls, you have to play smart.

One of the most maddening things about Kel’Thas isn’t his ability to do damage, it’s the fact that you need 5 people on your team to avoid doing the damage for him.

Too many people with Pyroblast stand next to teammates, buildings, or minions adding AOE damage that Kal’Thas didn’t plan. A lot of people stand right next to a building or minion on fire, get hit with the damage as it explodes, catch it, then cause an explosion far greater than what Kel’Thas originally created.

Too often people blame the weary and mana-tapped healer instead of avoiding damage all together. Knowing your character and playing it well isn’t enough. You have to know the 9 other heroes on the board and be ready for what they have to offer. You have to play smart, not hoping for healing, but doing your best to avoid damage in the first place.

Then, when you’re still alive and the other team starts falling, you can do more damage, use more abilities, and take down their core. It will turn a tough game into a winning one.