Just Have HOTS Fun

hots fun

So you want play Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls, bit things aren’t going well. You know your HOTS heroes roles and how to play your role well, but you still find it hard to win. You’re frustrated. You’ve yelled at everyone. Everyone is a dumbass. Why does this game suck so much? Maybe you forgot that when it comes to HOTS, you just need to focus on having HOTS fun.

We Love To Win

I hate winning. Losing is the best. I enjoy feeling frustrated and yelling at my screen. I spend my entire week planning how I can humiliate myself and question my ability to win simple matches. I look forward to games where it seems every allied hero is being played by a drunk chimpanzee who struggles with simple concepts like understanding HOTS highest DPS and the value of Heroes of the Storm minions.

As a young kid, I used to dream of growing up so I could play a game that would make me feel empty inside while giving me the ability to make computers weightless as I chucked them across the room. And I hate ice cream.

The truth is much easier to grasp. We all love to win and hate losing. We want to defeat our foes and Defoe our feats (where we do amazing things that would make William Dafoe proud). We want victory and we want it at any cost.

Unfortunately, that often comes at the price of our happiness. Sometimes we have to remember to just have some HOTS fun.

It’s a Game

It’s hard to follow the ARAM Brawl Rules without having a good time. After all, rule #10 is Be Positive. It’s really hard to yell and scream at teammates in an encouraging way. Saying “Of all the dumbasses, you’re the most amazing,” just doesn’t count.

But it’s more than following the Brawl Rules. After all, what’s the point of playing a game if you hate every minute of it? What’s the point of taking some time to relax only to get wound up? What’s the point of playing Heroes of the Storm if you’re not having HOTS fun?

Keys To a Successful Game

Do you want to win? Then follow the Brawl Rules. Do you want to be successful? Then just have HOTS fun. What does that mean? It means, play your best, but remember it’s just a game. Heroes of the Storm ARAM Brawls, just like Quick Match, are not competitive – i.e. they are not for rankings. It’s all for fun. They are the casual version of HOTS.

So stop getting bent out of shape playing HOTS. Just have HOTS fun. Take it down a notch when you play. Play well, and bring your A-game, but don’t wrap your happiness up in the wins. It’s the best way to make your playtime worthwhile.