Keep the Fight in the Lane

Keep the fight in the lane

After playing thousands of Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls, it still amazes me how often people make one crucial mistake: they don’t keep the fight in the lane.

The “M” in ARAM

It’s no surprise to many that ARAM stands for “All Random, All Mid”, meaning you only have 3 choices (instead of over 70 normally) and there is just one lane.

The biggest change from a typical game that isn’t in the acronym is that there is no secondary objective. In standard heroes of the Storm games there is an objective to fight for such as the altars in Towers of Doom, the payload in Hanamura Temple, or the Prison Camps in Alterac Pass.

These objectives focus teams in an area, and, for the most part, people are where they are supposed to be.

In ARAM, people tend to lose focus and they chase any shiny object. They fail to keep the fight in the lane. Then they lose.

Why You Keep the Fight in the Lane

Too often someone sees an opponent out of the lane and they follow them. At first glance, this might seem like a wise move; if someone isn’t where they are supposed to be, it may be an easy kill.

But what started as a simple assassination turns into a chase. At this point, an attempt at a quick kill has turned into a dangerous move. Someone wasn’t focused on how to stay alive in ARAM brawls and focused only on the kill.

What often happens is the other team has seen their friend is in trouble, and, like a good tank and team will do, they come to the rescue, usually catching the pursuer by surprise.

Then, the attacker becomes the attacked, causing their team to join in too. Unfortunately, by the time the team has shown up, the 4-5 against 1 has already severally damaged the original pursuer. The team funnels in one by one, usually with one or two people missing the memo, and the imbalance reaps the expected results.

Keep the Fight in the Lane

As someone who has played over ten thousand games and thousands of ARAM games, I can tell you that, with the exception of harassers and assassins (like Nova and Zeratul), you need to keep the fight in the lane. You can almost call the result when people start fighting out of the lane.

If you want to win more Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls, follow the Brawl Rules and keep the fight in the lane.