Playing and Supporting a Healer in Brawls

playing and supporting a healer in brawls

People always think they know how to play a hero, yet often they don’t even know how to play a specific role. If you want to be the best Heroes of the Storm ARAM player, then you need to be skilled in playing and supporting a healer in brawls.

Understanding the Role

Let’s face it: too many people think a healer just heals. What’s more too many non-healers don’t think about the healer until they ping themselves 100 times saying they need assistance.

The fact is that playing and supporting a healer in brawls is much more than just healing and being healed. If you want to be successful in Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls, then you need to know all the things a healer needs to do right, and you need to know all the ways you need to support a healer.

What to Do as a Healer

Being a healer is one of the most important roles anyone can undertake in Heroes of the Storm. Sure, it’s not glamorous, but it’s key to surviving many battles. Playing and supporting a healer in brawls starts with knowing how to play one. 

Here are four crucial actions a healer must do:

  • Watch Your Players: The most crucial thing a healer does is watch the team. They see the person heading off on their own or the person who is being chased. Sure, this is something everyone on the team should see, but it’s crucial that the healer sees it. Keeping track of your team is a necessity for healers.
  • Focus on Low Targets First: This should go without saying, but, in my experience, it needs to be said: focus on the lowest targets first. Sure, there will be times where low targets are safe and higher targets are getting a huge amount of damage, but, when all things are equal, focus on low targets first.
  • Smart CC: Just because you have CC ready doesn’t mean you should use it. Make sure you plan well so you can stun enemies about ready to use their heroics or pounce on an ally.
  • Help without Jeopardizing the Team: When you see someone go off and get in trouble, help them out. However, if they go so far you can’t adequately support the team, you must stay with the team to avoid putting the entire team at risk because someone went rogue. Always watch your players and do what you can to step in, but remember your loyalty is to the team. If saving one person who’s made a bad call will start a domino of death with the team, stay with the team.

How to Support a Healer

It’s not enough to know how to heal. Part of being successful in Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls involves supporting your healers. You have to be strong in playing and supporting a healer in brawls. If you’re not getting healed, don’t blame the healer; instead make sure you are supporting them correctly.

Here are the key things you must do to be a strong Heroes of the Storm ARAM player when playing with a healer:

  • Always Track Your Healer: Make sure you know where your healers are and whether or not they are safe. This is not only true for their sake, but for yours. Heroes like Anduin with Devine Star and Alexstrasza with Abundance require you to be in the right place to heal. Likewise, Stukov’s Healing Pathogen requires proximity, and Ana’s healing dart can be challenging to land on a moving target, particularly for someone new to the hero. Make sure you know how your healer heals and do what you can to make their healing land.
  • Don’t Miss Heals: In that same vein, if you are near Alexstrasza‘s Abundance, step in. Don’t make her waste her health with Gift of Life because you couldn’t be bothered. If you have a chance to be healed by being close to an ally with Healing Pathogen or by being in the path of Devine Star, or simply by standing still in a safe spot for Ana, take it. Wasted heals grant an edge to the enemy.
  • Don’t Take Damage: Likewise, unnecessary damage is just a boon to the other team. Think about it: if you can avoid 500 damage, why would you take it in the hopes your healer would heal you instead of someone else? I’ve seen too many people wander into Plague Toads or spread Kel’Thas living bomb and then wonder why their healer sucks. If you don’t take damage, you don’t need to be healed. If your healer is always running out of mana, you may consider that your team is taking more damage than it needs to.
  • Protect your Healer: Always protect your healer. This should be a sacred duty built into your play style. If your healer is under attack, come to their rescue. This is one instance where if you have to die, it’s better to save your healer than save yourself. Your healer can improve the life of other team members if you die. That being said, always play to stay alive even as you are ready to sacrifice for your healer.
  • Watch the CC: When your healer throws out some CC, sometimes to catch a hero to hit and other times to take a hero out of the action, pay attention. Whichever they do, act accordingly.

Playing and supporting a healer in brawls is not as simple as healing and being healed, but if you follow these approaches and the Brawl Rules, you can find yourself winning, and enjoying, more Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls.