Playing and Supporting DPS in Brawls

Playing and supporting DPS in brawls

“So I just shoot at people, right?” Playing and supporting DPS in brawls is so much more than just doing damage. If you want to win Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls, then you have to know not only how to play DPS, but how to support them.

Misunderstanding DPS

One of the most frustrating things about playing with people who don’t understand how to play DPS is they think it’s all about damage. They have the highest damage stats on the team, but they still lost. How did that happen?

It could be a variety of factors like a poor tank not centering the team or a bad healer. It could also be that no one on the team understood the right methods of playing and supporting DPS in brawls.

So you understand playing and supporting healers in brawls and playing and supporting tanks in brawls, but you think DPS is just doing damage.

Think again. Here’s what you need to know for playing and supporting DPS in Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls.

What to Do as DPS

When you play DPS, you need to know some key points. Some you know; some you may not.

  • Damage, Damage, Damage: Yes, DPS does damage. A lot of it. So much of it, that you may not realize you’re not doing enough. If you’ve ever seen a level 20 game where Zul’jin still doesn’t have a double swing on Twin Cleave, you may know what I’m talking about. Zul’jin comes with a built-in talent: You Want Axe? After hitting enemies with basic attacks a large number of times, he is rewarded with a double swing on Twin Cleave. Seeing someone at high levels without this typically shows that they are relying too heavily on abilities and not basic attacks. It also shows a player who doesn’t use basic attacks enough to do the right amount of damage. Damage is the number one job of DPS. Knowing how to do it well is the most important thing for playing and supporting DPS in brawls.
  • Poke and Play it Safe: This is all about Brawl Rule #7: Target Cunningly and Brawl Rule #8: Be Patiently Aggressive. You still need to be aggressive, but in the right way. You need to poke – throwing out damage without putting your weak ass hero’s body in jeopardy. You can always tell a newb to Brawls when you hear Butcher’s Ruthless Onslaught and see him head all alone toward a team of five with only 5 meat to his name. Much of the game is poking… aggressively, but cautiously.
  • Target Who Your Tank Targets: This is one of the most crucial roles of DPS, and it’s Brawl Rule #6: Target Wisely. I’ve played too many games where the tank tosses a hero and the DPS are all focused in different directions. It’s not difficult to see who will lose in those games. Instead, target who your tank targets. Did Stitches just hook someone? That’s your target. Did Dehaka just tongue an unsuspecting victim? Call HR, let him know that is not appropriate behavior, then smack the crap out of whoever he just dragged.
  • Peel and Harass: Your tank will do most of the peeling, but there may be opportunities for you as DPS, particularly when you have a harasser like Tracer or Genji. If you have an opportunity to harass without ignoring the other rules, do it. The more opportunities you have to keep the other team off balance and nervous, the better.

How to Help Your DPS

On a team, knowing your role isn’t enough. You need to know how to support the other roles. Playing and supporting DPS in brawls means just that: tanks and healers must know how to support.

  • Stand in the Gap: When you are a tank, you must stand between DPS and damage. If they get peeled or chased, you need to rescue them as needed. It’s part of the tank role.
  • Position Well: If you are a tank, be out in front. If you are a healer, be in a place where you can heal appropriately and safely. Some healers are good toward the front; some should be in a safer position. Know your particular healer well to know where they are best positioned.
  • Watch Your DPS: One of the biggest mistakes both tanks and healers make is not keeping track of their DPS. Some DPS will need to harass and launch surprise attacks. Those don’t always hit and they can get in trouble. Make sure you are prepared to safely execute Brawl Rule #2: Keep Your Teammates Alive while not failing Brawl Rule #1: Stay Alive.

DPS is about doing a lot of damage. In fact, that’s the majority of what DPS does. But playing and supporting DPS in brawls comes down to knowing a bit more. It’s that little bit that makes all the difference between winning Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls, and losing them. Play or support your DPS well and you can make the difference that leads your team to victory.