Playing and Supporting Tanks in Brawls

Playing and supporting tanks in brawls

If you want to excel at Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls, then you need to excel at playing and supporting a tank in brawls.

Having played over ten thousand games and thousands of ARAM brawls, I can tell you many people don’t understand the role of a tank and the way to support them. If you want to outshine most people, learn these few key actions in addition to the Brawl Rules, and you’ll be golden.

Understanding the Role

A tank is a meat shield, right? A tank takes the damage while the DPS does the damage.

In reality, it’s not that simple. The tank has several jobs to do. In addition, the DPS and healers need to do certain things as well.

Playing and supporting a tank in brawls is more than just taking damage and throwing people around… although, let’s face it: that’s not only important, but a hell of a lot of fun. Still, if you want to do more than just have fun, and instead win Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls, follow these simple rules.

What to Do as a Tank

With every role, the Heroes of the Storm ARAM Brawl Rules are crucial. Every role must execute them with strong determination.

Playing and supporting tanks means there are some added rules. To be a solid tank, follow these additional rules:

  • Lead: As tank, or at least as lead tank (if there is more than one), it’s your job to pick the targets, lead the charge, and initiate the action. I’ve seen too many games where the tank took cues from DPS or healers, not because they had a better plan of attack, but because the tank had none.
  • Be Out in Front: Don’t expect to win a game if you are behind your DPS. Your job as tank is to take a beating among other things. If you want to see a game devolve quickly, just let the tank sit in the back. A tank is a damage shield. Get out there and get angry.
  • Smart CC: Be ready to stun enemies who are about to use their heroics or pounce on an ally. Sometimes it’s better to save your CC for the right time, but don’t miss out on a great chance to stun a damage dealer and throw them in the middle of your DPS.
  • Team Rescue: One of the most misunderstood and overlooked roles of a tank is that of team rescue. As tank, one of your major roles is to jump in to rescue a teammate who has been caught in a bad situation. Actually, the entire team should. It’s rule #2! But since you are the tank and leading the team, it’s your job to lead the rescue, but make sure you do it cautiously. There’s no point in trying to save someone only for you both to die (and break rule #1!) Keep watch on your team. When you retreat, make sure everyone makes it back safely. It’s your job.

How to Support a Tank

Just because you’re not a tank, that doesn’t mean you don’t have some additional responsibilities. Playing and supporting a tank in brawls means that you have a job supporting them. If you want to have a successful game, follow these rules:

  • Let them Take the Lead: Too often DPS gets excited and decides they want to call the shots. I get it. I love being DPS and I will fire at anything that gets between me and their core. Taking solid shots is one thing; getting ahead of the tank is another. Which brings us to our next point.
  • Follow: Tanks should be setting the game plan. Not only should they lead, you need to follow. Keep your eye on them and what they do. That doesn’t mean you don’t look for opportunities to snipe or harass,  it does mean that you do things that support the tanks efforts and aren’t just random. What’s more, when they head into battle, join them. There is nothing more frustrating as a tank than taking on the other team only to see your team off counting regen globes or admiring the way the conveyers spin as your neck is on the line.
  • Target who they Target: One of the most frustrating things in a bad game is watching the DPS just firing almost randomly while the tank has picked a target. I had one game as a tank where I peeled off the other team’s major damage dealer, stunned them, flipped them, did as much damage as I could to them and they escaped after being below 15% health for the last 3 seconds of the interaction. I highlighted to the team (positively: rule #10) that we could have killed that person if we had focused and they got in line. When Stitches hooks, Diablo flips, or Garrosh tosses, focus fire on whoever lands. This is one of the most crucial aspects of playing and supporting a tank in brawls and winning Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls.
  • Complementary Heroics: If you want to take your playing to the next level, stack your heroics. When Blaze combusts and slows a group, or Diablo fires off Apocalypse and stuns them, fire off Eternal Feast or Dragonstrike for tons of damage or hold them in their place even longer with Ring of Frost or Stay Awhile and Listen. It’s a great way to turn an initial heroic into a megadeath. 

Playing and supporting a tank in brawls is crucial to winning Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls. As a tank, it’s your responsibility to lead and protect your team. As a non-tank, it’s your responsibility to follow the tank and support them not only keeping them alive by damaging those who try to damage them, but by following their lead and targeting their targets. Getting this right can turn a poor game into a resounding victory.