Rule #2 – Keep Your Teammates Alive

rule 2 keep your teammates alive

If Rule #1 is Stay Alive, it’s worth noting it’s worthless if your team is dead. That’s why in the Heroes of the Storm ARAM Brawl Rules Rule #2 is Keep Your Teammates Alive.

Numbers Be Crazy

Have you ever seen a superhero movie where the superhero is completely outnumbered? The henchmen swoop in surround Wonder Woman only for her to devastate each one of them, throwing them, smacking them, and knocking them down. For a super hero, it’s an easy feat.

But this isn’t Superheroes of the Storm; it’s Heroes of the Storm. There isn’t one hero built to take on several. Each hero is part of a team, unable to take on another team alone.

It’s simple math. If you are an absolute godlike player and are twice as good a hero as any other player and you do double the damage, one player against a full team is still only 2/5th of the damage they can do. Plus, they have more stuns, heals, etc. than one person alone. Make it two against five, with both of you doing double damage, and you’re still out-damaged.

But the thing is the best players don’t do double damage… they maybe do 10 percent more damage, 20 if they’re super-skilled. Also it’s not in how much damage they do, but how wisely they apply it to the right targets. (It’s also in following the Brawl Rules!)

What that all means is this: don’t be a hero. Don’t try to carry the whole game by yourself. It’s going to be easier for everyone for you to follow Rule #2 and keep your teammates alive. If you’ve ever seen a death conveyer, you know what I’m talking about.

The Death Conveyer

If you’ve played Heroes any length of time, you’ve seen the death conveyer. A team gets decimated, and everyone dies. Instead of waiting for the group, as each player revives, they head out with the confidence of a lion and the odds of a lamb and head into the fray. The 1v5 fight ends just as the next player arrives.

One by one the death conveyer brings each new bundle of XP to the other team, like an unending bag of presents on Christmas. The feeding continues until the core comes crashing down.

To turn off the death conveyer, keep your teammates alive. If your teammates start dying pull back and regroup.

But, since the death conveyer is so powerful, maybe we shouldn’t start it up in the first place. Maybe, we need to figure out why we follow Rule #2 to keep your teammates alive in the first place.

Why Keeping Your Teammates Alive Is Rule #2

Once again, it’s simple math.

  • More Power: If someone is dead, they can’t heal, do damage, tank, CC, harass, or anything else. A full team has all the ability to do all that and more.
  • More Is Better: If three people have 1 CC each, and one of them dies, you’ve just lost 1/3 of your CC. The more damage, options, stacking you have, the better.
  • Numbers Advantage: A 4v5 game is harder to win than a 5v4 or even a 5v5 game. Sure, you can save your skin by running away without looking back, but if you can save an ally too, you just might save yourself in the process and set yourself up for a win.
  • Travel Time: Everyone forgets about travel time. Sure you might only be dead a few seconds, but you have to get back to the fight. Every second you don’t do damage, heal, tank, etc. is a second the other team is gaining.
  • Avoiding the Death Conveyer: Once your team starts to become outnumbered, people panic. Everyone wants to save the day, and no one ever does. 1v5 is just not winnable. Follow Rule #2 to keep your teammates alive and avoid the death conveyer.

Keep Your Teammates Alive

Sure you want to just have HOTS fun and play the game, but if you want to have fun, you have to do more than just stay alive. You wouldn’t expect to have fun if you didn’t know HOTS heroes roles and how to play your role well. In the same way, you’re going to have the best time if you play in a way that maximizes your chances of winning.

Keep your teammates alive. It’s not enough to save your own skin. You need to work to keep your teammates alive too. Running away from a losing battle without throwing a little fire or CC to help your teammates escape seems self-serving, but, like most things that are self-serving, staying alive a little longer while losing the game isn’t serving you at all.

Sure, there will be those teammates that simply put themselves in terrible situations. Your goal is not to overcome poor gameplay. Your goal is to do what it would take to save someone who’s trying to play a strong game. You can’t put yourself in jeopardy for someone who’s going to get you both killed. Do what you can, but don’t turn one death into two trying to save someone who simply isn’t going to stay alive anyway.

That caveat aside, stay alive, but keep your teammates alive too. This is a team game. It’s meant to be played as a team. Until you play it as a team game and keep your teammates alive as well as yourself, you will struggle to be a top tier player. Anyone can save their own skin. It takes skill to save the skin of teammates too.