Rule # 3 – Play as a Team

Rule 3 play as a team

It should be a rule that doesn’t need to be stated. Unfortunately it does: Rule #3 – Play as a Team.

It’s a Team Game!

I have played a ton of first person shooters (FPS). You grab a weapon, head out into the unknown, and blast anything that comes your way. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to play when you’re just killing time. You don’t have to connect with anyone else; you can just hop onto a computer or tablet and have at it.

When you jump into Heroes of the Storm one thing should be glaringly different: you’re on a team. Sure, an FPS can be played with other people, and, yes, HOTS can be played with AI teammates, but one is completely accommodating to a single-player experience and one has team play not as an option, but as a requirement.

This should make Rule #3 – Play as a Team – glaringly obvious. Unfortunately it’s not, and how well people do when it comes to team play is typically the deciding factor in who wins.

Rules 1 and 2 Are Pointless without 3

Playing Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls requires a certain level of skill. At the same time, following the Brawl Rules is crucial to making that skill worthwhile.

To play well, you must follow the rules, starting with Rule #1 – Stay Alive and Rule #2 – Keep Your Teammates Alive. After all, you can’t do damage if you’re dead and you make the other team stronger every time you die. You also may struggle to enjoy HOTS fun if your game is always focused on running back to the fight.

But if you can’t play a good team game, it doesn’t matter. I’ve seen time and time again where one team would not die, but they would also not hold the other team back. They hid behind their gates (don’t get me started on this messed up strategy – maybe another day) or evaded the attacks, but eventually the other team swept through. Why? Because they played as a bunch of individuals and didn’t follow Rule #3 – Play as a Team.

How to Play as a Team

Playing as a team requires you to put aside the FPS mentality of every person for themselves and think about the team as a whole. If you’re the type of person who gripes about kill-stealing, you need to listen up: it’s not about you; it’s about what’s best for the team.

Focus on these strategies to follow Rule #3 – Play as a Team to win Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls:

  • Follow the Brawl RulesThe Brawl Rules are focused on team play, so following them will be an important key to success. For instance, choosing your role well and playing it well are key to good team play.
  • Protect Your Teammates – If there’s one thing I’ve seen over and over that is a crystal ball into the outcome of a game, it’s whether or not teammates help each other or leave each other to fend for themselves. It may very well be the best predictor of success.
  • Follow the Leader – Did Stitches hook someone? Focus fire on them. Did Garrosh flip someone? Body block and target them? Follow the leader, pay attention to the target, and focus fire.
  • Think of the Team – Instead of focusing on what’s best for you, your thought should always be what’s best for the team. After all, that’s what’s best for you. Conversely, you staying alive and getting high damage is good for the team. Play with the team in mind always.

Even though Rule #3 – Play as a Team isn’t the first rule, it’s the most crucial part to success. Rules #1 and #2 are in service to rule #3: stay alive and keep your teammates alive for the sake of the team. When you learn to master playing well as a team, you learn to master Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls.