Rule #6 – Target Wisely

rule 6 - target wisely

As crucial as it is, it’s not enough to play as a team, choose your role well, and play your role well. You also have to follow Rule #6 – Target Wisely.

More Than Just Damage

If you’ve read Brawl Rules for any length of time, you know that playing DPS is more than just doing damage. You know that playing a healer or a tank is more than just healing and tanking respectively. Playing any role well requires smart playing.

Thank God, right? Who wants to play a game that’s decided by the best button mashers? “Suzy hit the button 2,158 times and Bobby only hit it 2,155 times, so Suzy wins.”


Heroes of the Storm is a much more complex game, and ARAM takes the most powerful aspects of HOTS and condenses them into a small space with 10 players.

That’s why being skilled at HOTS ARAM is more than just doing damage. It’s about following Rule #6 – Target Wisely.

Targeting with Skill

There’s nothing quite like seeing an AOE heroic stack of stuns, roots, and damage to wipe out a team and give the skillful team a major advantage, but heroics aren’t the only ways you can target wisely.

Save up your CC, particularly if you have an opponent with an extremely powerful skill. Stack your CC to stun the opposing team’s most powerful players and keep them stunned until they’re dead.

Hook, drag, phase prism, or otherwise detain an enemy hero then all focus fire. Add an extra CC to give you more time to finish the job. Follow the leader: focus your attacks on the same opponents as the rest of the team to make your damage count.

That isn’t to say there isn’t room for harassment and other tricks, but those are special cases which we will discuss next time with Rule #7 – Target Cunningly.

For now, remember to follow Rule #6 – Target Wisely. Focus fire, save CC, stack heroics, and work as a team. That’s how you win Heroes of the Storm ARAM brawls.