Rule #7 – Target Cunningly

rule 7 - target cunningly

Sure, you follow Rule #6 – Target Wisely, but sometimes the thing you need to do to set you over the top is to follow Rule #7 – Target Cunningly.

More Than Just Follow the Leader

So you’ve followed Rule #4 – Choose Your Role Well, and you’ve picked up a hero that will contribute well to the game, now all you have to do is follow Rule #5 – Play Your Role Well and you win, right?

If only it were that easy. Yes, it’s important to focus fire and focus on the people that have been hooked, stunned, speared, or otherwise incapacitated. Still, there’s more to playing a good game than that. Sometimes you need to follow Rule #7 – Target Cunningly.

More Than Just Focus Fire

There seems to be two groups of people that just don’t get it. The first just does their own thing thinking they will be the hero. The second thinks if they just follow a predefined list of actions they will excel.

What kind of boring ass game do they want to play? “Suzy singlehandedly did something amazing that outperformed everyone else on the team. We didn’t even need to show up.”

Or, “Darnell hit Q then E then W so much better than everyone else and in the perfect order so we won.” Heroes is a lot more complex than that, if for no other reason that there are 9 other wildcards in the game – human beings – that can’t be completely predicted.

Which means that just following a prescribed plan or mashing a bunch of buttons or focusing fire will not be enough. Sometimes you need to follow Rule #7 – Target Cunningly.

Rule #7 – Target Cunningly

Damage isn’t just about killing. Sometimes it’s not about damage at all. Sometimes your targets are not about what they seem. Sometimes you have to be cunning.

Notice that Mephisto is doing more damage than everyone on his team? He keeps poking and no one can do enough damage to stop him. Then go to where his shade is and wait. Trap him or do some high damage mess. Punish him and make him change tactics.

See how Lunara keeps jumping in and out of the way? Get behind her and make her pay. Sometimes it’s not about finishing her off, but about making her tactics less profitable. The more she has to change it up the less valuable she becomes and the more she’ll second guess herself.

And sometimes it’s best not to throw static damage in order to do damage. For instance, Nazeebo’s Zombie Wall may not be used to trap an enemy, but instead be used to block an exit. Deathwing’s Lava Burst might be used as a way to make the enemy reconsider an avenue of retreat.

Then there’s an aspect of Rule #7 – Target Cunningly that’s all about hedging your bets.

Double Your Targets

So you punish pokers, target tactically, and redirect retreaters. But there’s another way to target cunningly and it’s all about double damage.

If you’ve every played Alexstrasza you know the beauty of the Flame Buffet. Depending on your talents, you may get extra bonuses from hitting heroes.

The only problem is that Flame Buffet takes a fair amount of mana. The way to avoid that is to hit a target that you’ve already set on fire, which refunds the mana. But what if you miss the hero? Mana toasted. This is one of many reasons to double your targets. Make sure your Flame Buffet goes through minions on the way to the hero. Even if you miss the hero, you still get your mana back.

In fact there are so many ways to use things like Zombie Wall to not only get a hero trapped, but to do damage to structures at the same time. If Nazeebo is throwing spiders, try to throw at a hero near other enemies so if they turn, you may still hit something.

There are a lot of ways to follow Rule #7 – Target Cunningly. In fact, it’s the one rule that may be the most “wildcard” of the Brawl Rules which may make it the most unpredictable and best for keeping your enemies on your toes so you can win more Heroes of the Storm ARAM Brawls.