Rule #8 – Be Patiently Aggressive

rule 8 - be patiently aggressive

One of the most annoying things I have experienced in HOTS is when teams are too passive. It’s just a long slow death. If you want to success, you must follow Rule #8 – Be Patiently Aggressive.

Falling Back Is a… Hear Me Out… Fallback

Sometimes you’re getting pummeled. Sometimes you need a little extra help and you fall back to your towers. It makes sense. It gives you a little bit of extra damage to even things out.

But there is nothing more annoying than being with a team that is constantly falling back behind their towers. Sure, they don’t die, but you’re giving up your real estate for free. Don’t just hand your forts to the enemy; they are the very things you are protecting.

That’s why you need to follow Rule #8 – Be Patiently Aggressive. Teams that sit behind their gates, towers, or forts are just giving the other team a win.

What’s worse, you are bolstering their confidence and letting them know they can walk all over you. Instead push and push hard.

Rule #8 – Be Patiently Aggressive

This rule isn’t very difficult. There’s a lot of complexity to Rule #5 – Play Your Role Well. Even targeting has two rules Rule #6 – Target Wisely and Rule #7 – Target Cunningly. In fact most of the HOTS ARAM Brawl Rules are complex.

Not this one. This one is simple. Be aggressive. Push. Fight back. Punish. Don’t let them get away with things. Target assassins and pokers.

The only other piece to this is to be patient. That means that the aggression is simply a means to push as hard as you can without getting overzealous. Wait for the right possibilities and use them. Keep your eyes open. When there’s an opening take it. If it’s viable, bust it wide open.

Rule #8 – Be Patiently Aggressive – is an important rule. It’s very simple. Push and look for the right openings without overextending. That’s all there is to it. Now go out there and make it happen.