Rule #9 – Don’t Give Up

rule 9 - don't give up

There are a lot of challenging rules and several rules that require a great deal of skill. This one is easy and requires no skill. It’s Rule #9 – Don’t Give Up.

No Skill Needed

There are several rules that require skill. For instance, following Rule #1 – Stay Alive while simultaneously following Rule #2 – Keep Your Teammates Alive requires skill. Additionally, following Rule #6 – Target Wisely and Rule #7 – Target Cunningly take a great deal of skill as well. Even Rule #8 – Be Patiently Aggressive requires timing and skill.

So, here’s some good news: you don’t need any skill for Rule #9 – Don’t Give Up. In fact, you only have to do one thing. Can you guess what it is?

The Premature GG

There’s nothing more deflating than being in a game one minute in and someone messes up or makes a bad choice and someone declares “GG” as if the game is already decided. It’s not that what happened is deflating, but it’s knowing you have another premature gg’er on your team. Ugh.

When has the word “premature” ever been a good thing?

I recently heard a story about a basketball coach giving a training course. In front of all the coaches he was training he told one of his star players to run to the end of the court and back again. The player hustled and was back at a pretty good clip. He then offered the player a crisp large denomination bill if he would do it in 10 seconds. They player suddenly had rockets under his shoes.

When there’s something at stake, we play better. The premature player is simply trying to take away the team’s drive. It sucks.

Rule #9 – Don’t Give Up

The fact is that games turn around all the time. I’ve been in a game where our core was at 1% and we turned around and won. I’ve been in games where we were outmatched but after we got a couple of their teammates down they started playing sloppy and we were able to pick them off one at a time after they rezzed.

The game isn’t over until it’s over. You never know when a game will turn around and plenty of them do. The only thing you do by declaring it over before it’s over is showing yourself to be a terrible player. Instead, follow Rule #9 – Don’t Give Up. You’ll be amazed at how much better your games go.