The Value of Heroes of the Storm Minions

Heroes of the Storm Minions

When you play a lot of Heroes of the Storm, one thing you realize: most people don’t understand the value of Heroes of the Storm minions and focusing on siege.

Here’s why they’re both important.

Getting the Kills

We all know that the best way to outmatch the other team is to out-level them, and the best way to do that is to kill their heroes. After all, you could do tens of thousands of points of damage against an enemy hero, and if they never die, you’ve gained no experience. It’s the kills that grant the experience.

But focusing solely on enemy kills is just as bad as focusing solely on enemy damage. Yes, getting the XP is the goal, but like nearly everything, it’s not the end goal.

After all, the kill isn’t the goal. The kill gives you XP, but the XP isn’t the goal. The XP gives you levels. The level isn’t the goal; it gives you an advantage. The advantage isn’t the goal; it lets you get the core down. Getting the core down IS the goal: it’s how you win.

In other words, a good strategy involves a lot of things that aren’t the end goal, but are crucial to making the end goal a reality. One of those is finding opportunities for focusing on Heroes of the Storm minions and siege. It’s not the end goal, but it’s a strong strategy to reaching it.

The Value of Heroes of the Storm Minions and Siege

If you want to win more Heroes of the Storm brawls, there are some key things to understand. You need to know the Brawl Rules. You must remember that the game is all about the team. You should know your role and play it well. You need to know when to regroup. You need to understand HOTS highest DPS and how to master it.

But you also need to know when you should focus on minions and siege. Here’s why:

  • Minions give XP: Minions will give XP when you’re around. Typically, in ARAM you don’t have to worry about this if you keep the fight in the lane, but late game this can often be missed.
  • Minions/Siege Do Damage: One of the most overlooked game elements in Heroes of the Storm is that minions and siege do damage. Too often the enemy team will have wiped out your minions and you are fighting heroes to heroes while they have extra DPS from minions. I also have seen too many times where a fort was on its last legs and heroes just sat focusing on the other heroes while taking the extra damage without finishing off the fort. When you remove that extra DPS you can either level the playing field or turn it to your advantage.
  • Minions Absorb Damage: If the other team has breached a gate and is fighting at your towers, destroy their minions. Those minions are taking all your fort’s damage and the heroes are getting off scott-free. Remove the minions to greatly increase your team damage against their heroes and the fight will turn in your favor.

Improving Your Game

Yes, minions are secondary. They should not be your main focus, but like most tools in a strategist’s tool chest, it’s still something that has value from time to time.

Make sure you are focused on the right things in your game. Follow the Brawl Rules. These are the essentials to winning games.

But when you find yourself nearly evenly matched, it’s these forgotten elements of gameplay – like the Heroes of the Storm minions and siege – that can turn the game in your favor. A good strategist keeps a lot of tools handy and looks for opportunities to use them. When you find them, employ them to win a skirmish, the battle, and the game.